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Solid hardwood is usually ¾” thick sometimes ½” and is 100% hardwood from top to bottom. Engineered hardwood is made up of several ply layers and only the top layer is made of true hardwood. Engineered hardwood usually comes in 3/8”, 1/2” and 5/8” thick.
Solid hardwood flooring can be installed on crawl space. Although solid hardwood can be glued down to concrete we don’t recommend it due to the moisture wick of concrete. Engineered can withstand more moisture so it can be installed on plywood or concrete slab.
The benefits of hardwood flooring are numerous. It’s a renewable resource. The elegance and beauty of true hardwood is unmatched in terms of aesthetics. Hardwood flooring adds value to any home. They are durable and easy to maintain. Solid hardwoods can be refinished several times making them last several decades.
The cost of hardwood flooring depends on many factors: wood species, plank width, site finished vs prefinished. You can always obtain a free estimate by our owner.
Every week maintenance we recommend using Bona floor cleaning kit. This can be purchased at lowes for around $50. We do not recommend putting hard chemicals on the hardwoods that are usually found in products like: mop and glow, orange glow, murphy’s oil and rejuvenate to name a few. Professionally, the absolute best maintenance procedure you can do on a hardwood floor is called a “buff and coat”. This would be similar to getting your vehicle waxed. We abrade the hardwoods, vacuum, tack and recoat using polyurethane. This process, like waxing your vehicle, revitalizes the sheen of your floor, reduces minor scratches and puts an extra layer of protection thus increasing the longevity of your hardwoods before you would need to refinish.
The time hardwood flooring needs to be refinished depends on the amount of wear and tear each household puts on their floors. Maintaining a floor will increase the floor's longevity. Another factor how strong the finish is on your hardwood floors.
Hardwood is naturally a very absorbent material, and exposure to water can cause it to plump, warp, twist and mold. A steam cleaner by its very nature uses water heated to a very hot vapor to clean and disinfect the surface of a floor. This vapor is able to get down into cracks and crevices to kill germs and bacteria, but when used on a hardwood floor, the moisture can stay down in the cracks and crevices, leading to problems in the future.
Powder room yes, full bath No: too much relative humidity with showers etc…
There are a lot of factors that dictate how long a refinish will take. Some of these factors include: square footage, type of hardwood, condition of hardwood, drying times, water based versus oil base polyurethane, stain or natural etc..800sf of stain to red oak hardwoods with water based polyurethane may take a week.
An average cost to refinish your hardwood flooring by a true professional will be between $2.25-$3.25 per sf However some factors include square footage, furniture moving, condition and type of hardwoods.
If your hardwoods are good candidates for refinishing then you can change the color.
Water based polyurethane takes 2-4 hrs per coat and oil based polyurethane takes up to 24 hrs to dry. 3 coats of finish is usually the industry standard.
Finishes include matter (dull), satin (little shine), semi-gloss (shinny) and gloss (basketball court shinny). Almost all of our clients choose Satin
Dark stains from duraseal like: dark walnut, espresso and jacobean. Trend now is grey’s or grey cut with brown. Natural with water based finish so the hardwood doesn’t amber yellowish is also very popular.
Luxury Vinyl Plank can be installed on plywood or concrete slab even below grade.

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